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Canadian Tax Services

Trowbridge tax services to individuals include preparing Canadian resident, non-resident and Section 216 non-resident rental income tax returns, estimating taxes, and year-round planning to minimize or defer income tax.

Canadian Tax Services

We encourage our individual clients to contact us throughout the year with questions and to keep us involved in their financial affairs. We believe the added communication and understanding of our client situations provides for better tax planning and lower tax liabilities. We work with our clients to establish entities and structure their tax matters to reduce tax liabilities. Our areas of emphasis in providing individual tax services include:

  • Canadians who have recently relocated permanently to the U.K.

  • Persons on short-term domestic or international assignments

  • Canadians in the U.K. that have Canadian rental properties

  • U.K. individuals who have recently relocated permanently to Canada

Don't forget to file your departure return!

When you leave Canada, you must report most property (with the exception of cash and most retirement plans) with a total value of more than $25,000 to the CRA. You are deemed to have disposed of and reacquired the property on the date of departure and may be liable to a taxable gain.

The departure form T1161 must also be filed even if you are not deemed to have disposed of any property. The form must be filed on or before your tax return filing due date for the year that you leave Canada to avoid penalties.

Moving to Canada?

If you are moving to Canada, we can provide local tax assistance via the Trowbridge offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

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